Sunday, December 23, 2012

Going Primal

I started eating the primal way on 12/22/2012 with a starting weight of 235.4 lbs on a 5 ft 6 frame. What really got me going the grokette way was constantly feeling tired and sick due to a number of ailments my body played host to namely PCOS, Hashimoto thyroiditis, migraines, seasonal allergies, asthma, severe dandruff, hair fall and very frequent colds.Tests also indicate that I have metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance. I tried going the primal way once early this year and had good results. Small aches and pains magically vanished. But living in a typical south Asian family where rice and wheat are consumed in abundance, I found it difficult to keep up the lifestyle and  eventually relapsed. There is one other factor that I believe contributed to my relapse. I have always been an emotional eater and often find myself in situations where I just need that damn piece of cake. Satisfaction is always one pizza away. Seriously, can anything top a pepperoni double cheese pizza !! Seriously !!


So where was I, Oh yes, instead of facing reality or doing something about it, I always reached out to extra creamy desserts or gooey pizzas. The unhealthier, the better. That is, until a few days ago. A few friends and I were in a pub downing margaritas and beer and having a merry time. The place was crowded and had it's fair share of tall, dark and handsome men. I always imagined a tall dark stranger walking up to me and say "Hey Beautiful, can I buy you a drink". You see, behind the baggy clothes, dorky glasses and layers of fat, I have the spirit of a diva Ala Scarlett Johansson. Go ahead!! Laugh out loud. Like I care. Well unfortunately, only I can see her and no one else. So imagine my surprise, when a tall, not so dark, handsome man started to approach me!! In the few seconds that it took for him to reach me, I imagined us going on a date, getting married, having children and living happily ever after. And then he opened his mouth, and down came crashing all my fantasies. He asked me if one of the girls I was partying with was single. It is at that point that I blurted out "here I was thinking you were going to ask me out". To which he replied, "I would have if you were a few pounds slimmer". And then he sat down next to me and we spent the next hour talking about weight issues, diets, exercise plans and what not. It was as if a light switched on in my head. No one till date had such a straight talk with me. My well meaning friends and family probably didn't want to hurt my feelings or break my diva persona that I wrap around myself so well. I am a very successful, award winning consultant. I do so well at work and intend to get a graduate degree in business next year. So why is my personal health and lifestyle in such a mess. I need to exert the same amount of effort and commitment on my physical and emotional well being as well. And it starts today, right now, right this very second.

Grok on!!

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